[Catalyst] Catalyst getting wrong path from Apache server-side includes

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Sun Apr 18 23:19:06 GMT 2010

On 16 Apr 2010, at 01:53, Jason McIntosh wrote:

> Howdy y'all,
> Since upgrading to Catalyst 5.8022 on Wednesday, I've found that no
> Catalyst requests coming from Apache server-side includes work.
> If the user requests "foo.shtml", and that file contains "<!--#include
> virtual="/catalyst/header" -->", then Apache correctly forwards the
> request to my Catalyst FCGI. However, Catalyst now thinks that the
> request path is "foo.shtml" instead of "/catalyst/header", and
> responds with my app's 404-ey default action.
> It didn't have this problem before the upgrade. Any thoughts or advice
> would be kindly appreciated!
> (Some folks on #catalyst IRC mentioned that there might be a fix for
> this currently underway. But, Google is mum on it, as are the list
> archives, so I thought it worth bringing up here anyway.)

Yes, this is due to the change in 5.80015:

- Set $ENV{PATH_INFO} from $ENV{REQUEST_URI} combined with  
$ENV{SCRIPT_NAME} if possible. This is many web servers always fully  
decode PATH_INFO including URI reserved characters. This allows us to  
tell foo%2cbar from foo%252cbar, and fixes issues with %2F in paths  
being incorrectly decoded, resulting in too many path parts (rather  
than 1 path part containing a /, on some web servers (at least nginx).  
SSI used to work, but actually, unfortunately, used to work _entirely  
The change causes a whole load of other issues, and generally opens a  
can of worms.
I'll provide a more detailed explanation to everyone shortly, but  
suffice to say that this is known about and I am working/thinking on  
fixing it / how to fix it..

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