[Catalyst] [Beginner] How to get 'Chained' to work`?

Johannes Kilian jo.kilian at gmx.de
Mon Apr 19 08:57:37 GMT 2010

Am 15.04.2010 14:56, schrieb Steve:
> Actually, I found the documentation in Catalyst::DispatchType::Chained
> to be fairly comprehensive.  You might want to give it a once-over.

You're right: reading the mentionend documentation is indeed fairly

Am 15.04.2010 16:04, schrieb Tomas Doran:
> Johannes Kilian wrote:
>> Thank you - that was the problem ...
>> It's difficult to find a documented entry to this
>> (Chained/Args/CaptureArgs ...) with (nearly) zero knowledge.
> Can you tell us where you tried to look for the info, and I'll make
> sure some helpful hints get added too the documentation?
> Cheers
> t0m

My main error was (as a catalyst beginner): having an isolated view on
the <chained> argument not recognizing that <chained> - <args> -
<PathPart> - <CaptureArgs> are related so closely. Having understood the
Chained-mechanism, it's clear that it has to be so - but the first
barrier to get this understanding was too high.
Mainly I used "The definitive Guide to Catalyst"-book as first approach
- from which I assumed to be a "step by step tutorial" (which it is -
but the steps are bigger than I realized in this case). I started the
tutorial just in the middle (not having all prerequisites) and started
testing it, without having all the comprehensive information - and run
into the discussed questions ... (And most badly: I used a helpfile
which don't have "Args" und "CaptureArgs" in the search index - but
"Chained" was available, so I thought, there's no docu on those
Arguments ...)

After rereading everything - there's all information available. I just
followed the old principle "Engineers don't read manuals" (or if they
do, they only read small parts - which I did ... ;-)


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