[Catalyst] Using Jquery UI Autocomplete widget with Catalyst::View::JSON

Ben van Staveren benvanstaveren at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 07:25:02 GMT 2010

You can do that with View::JSON :) Just read the docs though, the reason 
it didn't work is that you put your data in

$c->stash->{json} = [ ... ]

And View::JSON will attempt to turn your entire stash into JSON data :) 
And it does that bit correctly, but the thing you end up with is

  json: [ ... ]

And autocomplete doesn't like that. So, either do:

$c->stash([ ... ])

Or set the expose_stash setting. Whatever is set in there, is the only 
thing that View::JSON will attempt to serialise.

Personally I prefer expose_stash => 'json', so that anything under 
$c->stash->{json} is serialised, but up to you :)

Hetényi Csaba wrote:
> Dear Ben van Staveren
> Thank You, now it is working, but in this case, i don't know
> why to use Catalyst::View::JSON, it is just a text formatting.
> Later I'd like to use DBIx datasource to feed autocomplete plugin,
> in this case i must manually build a special JSON formatted string.
> Is there exist a better way?
> Thank You!
> Ben van Staveren írta:
>> Looks like you need to set
>> expose_stash => 'json'
>> in your config.
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