[Catalyst] Tutorial : Schema Generator

Greg Zapp greg.zapp at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 22:39:49 GMT 2010

Hey guys!  I'm working my way through the tutorial chapters and I keep
running on this issue.  Here is some output from the static schema loader:

__PACKAGE__->set_primary_key("user_id", "role_id");
__PACKAGE__->belongs_to("role_id", "MyApp::Schema::Result::Role", { id =3D>
"role_id" });
__PACKAGE__->belongs_to("user_id", "MyApp::Schema::Result::User", { id =3D>
"user_id" });

I keep having to manually change 'role_id' and 'user_id' to 'role' and
My data base is MySQL and I have the foreign keys setup in the UserRole
table.  Why is this happening?  It happens for the BookAuthor as well, and
it causes checksum mismatches due to my manual intervention:(

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