[Catalyst] Instruction for SSL configuration for Apache and fastcgi

Kutbuddin Doctor ksdoctor at sanfordburnham.org
Thu Aug 5 21:26:52 GMT 2010

I currently run Catalyst via myapp_fastcgi.pl without SSL

Is there an explicit instruction set (copy/paste code) with advice on 
how to make parts (most) of this run through SSL.

 From reading the docs, it looks like I will start with:

     # in MyApp.pm
     use Catalyst qw/ StaticSimple

     MyApp->setup( qw/RequireSSL/ );

     MyApp->config->{require_ssl} = {
         https => 'secure.mydomain.com',
         http => 'www.mydomain.com',
         remain_in_ssl => 0,
                 no_cache => 0,

     # in any controller methods that should be secured

Then in my Apache httpd.conf I currently have (static mode):

FastCgiServer /path/to/myapp/script/myapp_fastcgi.pl -processes 3
Alias / /path/to/myapp/script/script/myapp_fastcgi.pl/

I hope to run this on the same machine and have 2 Apache Virtual Hosts 
for 'secure.mydomain.com' and 'mydomain.com' .

Can someone provide apache config scripts for this situation? Do I need 
Port 443 for the FastCgiServer command in Apache? Will these 2 VH's use 
separate Session FastMmap files? Log files?


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