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Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Fri Aug 6 14:57:42 GMT 2010

On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 6:16 AM, Matthias Dietrich <mdietrich at cpan.org>wrote:

> I'm using short identifiers for my I18N texts, like "Home.Greeting" which
> is then translated to "Hi there" for en_us or "Hall=F6chen" for de_de.  W=
hen I
> added a small CMS to a customer's application all texts should also be
> translated.  So I saved any text to I18N key CMS.NavigationPoint.PageKey.*
> within the right language "file" (actually I'm using C::P::I18N::DBI), * =
> "Title" or "Content" or similar.

I've been arguing with work about how to key our text.  So far we continue
to use the English in the loc() tags in the templates, and then the I18N
team uses a script to pull out this text which gets sent to translation

The risk is text gets into the templates that for some reason does not get
pulled out.  The developers like the English in the templates as it makes
them easy to read, and it means they don't really have to stop when entering
new text.  Just seems like in the long run this will be unmaintainable and
error prone.  (Well, not in the long run as it already is error prone.)

I've been arguing for a system where we use some kind of ID for the keys.
 I'm not so sure the key format matters -- could be just a primary key in
the db, for example.  This could be a stage done by the designers so the
design spec just indicates a message id.  Then code development and
translation can happen at the same time.

Is anyone using a system like that?  And more specifically, what application
are you using to manage the translation database?  We have started to write
one, but it's a bit more than trivial as we need it to work with different
translation services, track history/changes, multiple applications, etc.
 So, it would make more sense to use an existing tool.

So, I'd like to hear about your translation workflow and any tools you are


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