[Catalyst] How to access DBIC schema from class method?

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Wed Aug 11 00:57:11 GMT 2010

I'm confused about the "right" way to get a schema instance from within a
class method. If I've already got a resultset or resultsource instance, it's
easy. But from a class method within my model? Do I create a new connection
every time I need one, ie. MyApp::Schema->connect()?

To be specific:

package MyApp::Schema::Result::User;
use base 'DBIx::Class::Core';

sub create_user {
    my ($class, $params) =3D @_;
    # Want to call $user_rs->create() here after I've validated data.
    # my $schema =3D MyApp::Schema->connect()?

My suspicion is that this should be an instance method, bc it represents the
table, not a user object. And the way to get an instance is to call
$rs->result_source on a result set. But when I call:
      $c->model('DB::User')->result_source->create_user($params) it fails
with the msg:

Can't locate object method "create_user" via package

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