[Catalyst] receiving form-elements in sequence...?

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Looks like there is no method to do this from what I can tell but if you re=
ally needed to do it this way you could probably just de-serialize it yours=
elf by looking at the raw content with $c->req->body http://search.cpan.org=
/~bobtfish/Catalyst-Runtime-5.80029/lib/Catalyst/Request.pm#$req-%3Ebody . =
But that=92s probably way more work than doing some of the suggestions ment=
ioned by others like having the position specifically set in the post.

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From: will trillich [mailto:will.trillich at serensoft.com]
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Subject: [Catalyst] receiving form-elements in sequence...?

Quick question: how do we determine the sequence of submitted form elements?

Background: we've got several data-rows that we're going to let the user re=
order via Javascript drag-and-drop. Looking in $c->req->params, being a has=
h, gives us all elements, but no clue as to which item is first, which is n=
ext, which is last. So in case the opening line above isn't quite the right=
 question, how do we submit a new sequence of rows via $c->req?

This is probably a simple one, but we haven't found the $c->req->[sequenced=
-form-items] method yet (gotta be available via Catalyst::Request, I hope).=
 Pointers gladly welcomed. Thanks!

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