[Catalyst] Question on an exception; seems related to autocrud?

Ken Beal KBeal at crosscountry-auto.com
Wed Feb 3 16:58:40 GMT 2010

Thanks Nick.  I have determined that removing AutoCRUD from the
<project>\lib\<project>.pm file eliminates this behavior, so it seems to
be just a side-effect of having AutoCRUD enabled.  Since I won't deploy
with it enabled, it's just something to watch out for in my testing.

To the list: has anyone else noticed a similar difference in behavior
accessing SQLite3 databases from Catalyst, after adding AutoCRUD?


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> Please let me know if the rest of the output (or a specific portion of
> it) would help in determining the root cause.

Just a note, but the full stack trace is usually what is needed for
people to properly diagnose a problem. If you feel it is unusually
long, you can also take advantage of one of the nopaste servers, a gist
at github, or host a text file somewhere. Then just provide a link into
your email.


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