[Catalyst] Use CatalystX::SimpleLogin Globally

Bernhard Graf catalyst4 at augensalat.de
Sat Feb 6 22:22:32 GMT 2010

John Atzger schrieb:
> I use CatalystX::SimpleLogin but I have to use "Does('NeedsLogin')" for
> every method. For controllers which require a login for anything, what I
> want is this:
>   package Some::Controller::Stuff;
>   use Moose;
>   BEGIN { extend 'My::Controller::LoginRequired' }
> I tried something like this:
>   package My::Controller::LoginRequired;
>   use Moose;
>   use namespace::autoclean;
>   BEGIN { extends 'Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole' }
>   sub auto :Private :Does('NeedsLogin') {}
> But that doesn't work.  People can access actions in
> Some::Controller::Suff without logging in.  I think I just don't
> understand Catalyst well enough to know what to do here.

Read this, maybe it helps

Or look at the source code of
you could virtually take this code and put it into your auto action.

Or if you use chained actions, you could add the Does(NeedsLogin)
attribute to any action chain link:

  package My::Controller::LoginRequired;

  # everything under /login needs login
  sub root : Chained(/) PathPart(admin) CaptureArgs(0) Does(NeedsLogin)

  package Some::Controller::Stuff;

  sub foo : Chained(/admin) PathPart Args(0) {...}

Good luck


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