[Catalyst] Catalyst::Action::SerializeBase::_load_content_plugins default behavior

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Mon Feb 8 20:21:21 GMT 2010

On 8 Feb 2010, at 14:52, Dave Goehrig wrote:
> However, if you use the new config style:
> __PACKAGE__->config(
>   default => 'application/json',
>   map => {
>      'application/json' => 'JSONP',
>      'text/x-php-serialization' => ['Data::Serializer',
> 'PHP::Serialization' ],
>   }
> );
> The map entries are then appended to the default $config->map, and net
> result is these additional mappings are never seen.

Erm, nope..

They're merged, in the normal way that config is merged.

>  This is because a
> silly AJAX requests which never specified a content-type now use the
> "default" behavior based on the browser's Accept-Encoding, which is
> ALWAYS 'text/html'!
> As a result, instead of returning a 'default' => 'application/json',  
> it
> quite rightly returns a default => 'text/html' which serializes  
> based on
> Catalyst::Action::YAML::HTML

Erm, this isn't anything to do with the 'default'.

The default is only used when you have NO Accept OR Content-Type  
headers at all..

> Based on the documentation, both behaviors are correct, but it seems  
> to
> me that if I specify a local mapping that it should override the  
> default
> map as it did in the old behavior.

Yes, if you map text/html to JSONP, then it'll work (overriding the  
default) :)

>  Was this change a bug or a design
> decision?

I'm no longer sure, as I'm not sure what problem you're reporting /  
what the actual behavior change is.

I wrote a test to try to prove your issue, but it works like I expect  
it to:


Can you write me a similar test which passes on the version you were  
running, but fails on a later version (and tell me which versions  
these are) - so that I can work out what the _actual_ behavior change  
which caused your issue is?


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