[Catalyst] datetime formatting ...

Eden Cardim edencardim at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 15:45:41 GMT 2010

>>>>> "Kiffin" == Kiffin Gish <kiffin.gish at planet.nl> writes:

    Kiffin> I've got a datetime column defined:
    __PACKAGE__-> add_columns(
    Kiffin>   ...  "last_modified", { data_type => "DATETIME",
    Kiffin> default_value => undef, is_nullable => 1, size => undef, },
    Kiffin> );

    Kiffin> For some reason it's being displayed like this:

    Kiffin> "2010-01-05T20:35:14"

    Kiffin> How can I get that 'T' out of there, replacing it with the
    Kiffin> usual space?

->last_modified->strftime('%F %T')

See perldoc DateTime for more formatting options.

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