[Catalyst] datetime formatting ...

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 03:35:21 GMT 2010

From: "Kiffin Gish" <kiffin.gish at planet.nl>
> Thanks. You're right about the timezone thing, I was confused with
> javascript and now realize that the tz is not passed via HTTP headers.
> Could save it in a cookie.
> Is $c->user->get(x) the same as $c->user->x ?
> mvg
> Kiffin

Yes it is the same thing if the authentication is made using DBIC, but the 
prefered way is to use the get() method, because you might want to change 
the authentication to LDAP or something else later, and in that case the 
get() method could return the same thing, but there may be no x() method 
offered by the new authentication.


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