[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst::Manual 5.8004

hkclark at gmail.com hkclark at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 17:30:34 GMT 2010

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I pushed an updated Catalyst
Manual to CPAN yesterday.   Almost all of the changes pertained to the
tutorial.  A big thanks to Caelum for doing most of the SQLite foreign
key work.  Also thanks to xenoterracide for a variety of edits to
early chapters.  "Full" set of changes listed below (with a summary of
prior changes below that).


5.8004 17 Feb 2010
    - Tutorial:
        - Add foreign key support for SQLite
            (huge thanks to Caelum for that and other good edits!)
        - Add "Quick Start" to Intro (Chapter 1)
        - Switch to use of "-r" to auto-restart the dev svr
        - Update for latest available Debian package versions
        - Switch to individual files for example code vs. tarballs
        - Switch to 'done_testing' and shorter 'prove' args for testing chapter
        - Misc typo fixes
    - Other:
        - Minor Cookbook edits

Since we don't like to "spam" everyone with these announcements for
every release of Catalyst::Manual (just try to hit the highlights),
here are some changes in other relatively recent releases (since the
5.8000 release last about 9 months ago):

5.8003 28 Dec 2009
    - Variety of typo fixes
    - Fix incorrectness re :Global and :Local
    - Update DevelopmentProcess.pod

5.8002 15 Nov 2009
    - Update tutorial to match latest prepacked versions in Debian 5
    - Add FormHandler branch (with thanks to gshank!)
    - Misc cleanup/freshing up of tutorial.
    - Fix indenting issue (with thanks to Kiffin Gish)
    - Integrate tome fix branch (with thanks to tome!)
    - Add a "negative" test to confirm that test02 does not have an
admin create link
    - Integrate sqlite3 clarification and link by wolfman2000 from
tutorial_role_updates branch
    - Fix Pod typos in ::Internals (RT#51488)
    - Fix Pod typos in the Cookbook (RT#51466)
    - Fix a Test::Pod failure and make Debian happier.
    - Typo fixes from garu
    - Misc minor and/or typo fixes

5.8001 06 Oct 2009
    - Tutorial
        - Fix RT #46760
        - Fix RT #46618
        - Fix cat-install script URL
        - Fix typos
        - Replace reference to deprecated CatalystX::ListFramework::Builder
          with Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD
    - Other
        - Lots of updates thanks to t0m
        - Update development process / core team docs
        - Cookbook fixes WRT authorization
        - Better description of application setup process
        - Fix some links
        - Normalise spacing

5.8000 27 May 2009
    - Tutorial:
        - Update for Catalyst 5.80
        - Update to "depluralize" the database names (big thanks to
Kiffin Gish!)
        - Switch back to including numbers in chapter names (for proper sorting)
        - Add section to Ch 4: "Moving Complicated View Code to the Model"
        - Add section to Ch 3: "RenderView's 'dump_info' Feature"
        - Misc fixes and updates (thanks to Anne Wainwright)
    - Other:
        - Add some 5.8 and Moose-specific material to the new
            (thanks to t0m and Sebastian Willert)

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