[Catalyst] How to read the performance information

Andrew Rodland andrew at cleverdomain.org
Fri Feb 19 06:39:33 GMT 2010

On Thursday 18 February 2010 11:14:46 pm Julien Sobrier wrote:
> The time don't add up. Form the timing under Action. it took less than 1
> second. But the line before says 8.27s. Does it mean 7+ seconds were spend
> doing something else? Doing what?
There are two things that spring to mind:

1. Time spent reading the request from the user (after the connection is made 
but before the full request is received) is accounted to the "Request took" 
time but not to any action. Normally this should be a very small amount of 
time for a GET, but in case of very bad network conditions it could be longer. 
This wouldn't be any indication of the performance of your app.

2. Your system could have had a major I/O stall between the beginning of 
request handling and the beginning of action dispatch, or between the end of 
action dispatch and the end of request handling. You would probably know if 
this was happening. :)

3. Any other suggestions?


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