[Catalyst] Elegant way to check action presence?

Alex Povolotsky tarkhil at over.ru
Sat Jan 9 20:53:51 GMT 2010


I'm working on a (more or less) flexible system with plugins should be 
installed just like controllers; some basic information about them 
(particulary, numerical id) must be kept in database.

Plugins should be handle some queries in /admin/service/$servicename

I'd like to put 'smart links' in plugin information table - i.e. if 
something handles /admin/service/$servicename/control, link exists; if 
no - instead of link text in different style is presented, telling that 
plugin has not been installed.

construction like

[% SET path=stype.path %]
[% IF c.can('/admin/service/$path/control') %]
<a href ... >
[% ELSE %]
message here
[% END %]

is ugly; maybe someone points me to some nicer idea? I was thinking of 
some function in Schema/Result/Servicetype.pm returning link or warning, 
but how do I access the Catalyst object from it? Or I just have to pass 
it as argument?


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