[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst-Runtime 5.80018

Florian Ragwitz rafl at debian.org
Tue Jan 12 21:38:25 GMT 2010

I'm happy to announce the next release of Catalyst-Runtime (5.80018).

This release makes Catalyst ready for the upcoming release of
HTTP::Request::AsCGI by fixing a bug that's hidden by a bug in current versions
of AsCGI. It also adds a new warning for a deprecated usage of Catalyst::Test.

Full changelog included below as always.


5.80018 2010-01-12 22:24:20

  Bug fixed:
   - Call ->canonical on URI derived from $ENV{REQUEST_URI} to get
     paths correctly decoded. This bug was previously hidden by a bug
     in HTTP::Request::AsCGI

   - Clarify that uri_for_action works on private paths, with example.

   - Saying use Catalyst::Test; (without an application name or () to stop
     the importer running is now deprecated and will issue a warning.
     You should be saying use Catalyst::Test ();
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