[Catalyst] InstancePerContext doesn't work in schema

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Thu Jan 14 14:10:22 GMT 2010

Steve Kleiman wrote:
> Having trouble with InstancePerContext in a schema.

This won't work. Ever.

InstancePerContext only works on Catalyst components, the schema isn't a 
component, the MyApp::Model::DB class is the component..

You'll want to add InstancePerContext to the model class and get that to 
pass stuff down into the schema..

> I'd like to be able to get at $c from within a schema definition. The $callsheet->context call does not throw an error and returns an undef value. So in the case below, I would expect console output to be 'good test' but instead I get "Can't call method "log" on an undefined value".

This is a spectacularly bad idea. Why?

(It's a much better idea to build some closures around $c which you can 
call to do things for you, and those pass those into the schema - then 
the schema has a coderef it can call to 'generate me a URI', but it 
still has no knowledge of Catalyst or $c so seperation of concerns is 


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