[Catalyst] Reaction Install Problem

Steve steve at matsch.com
Tue Jan 19 18:13:09 GMT 2010

When trying to install Reaction from CPAN, I get
t/00componentui_compiles.t .. WARNING: String found where Type expected 
(did you use a => instead of a , ?) at 
line 55

I've already tried updating Moose and MooseX to no avail.  Looking at 
the Moose documentation made me think that (however unlikely) this could 
be a syntax issue, so I tried modifiying the source to the suggested 
'=>' instead of ','...no luck.

I really wanted to try this out, but after several hours I'm stumped.  
I've googled and looked at all the Catalyst, Moose, and Reaction wikis, 
so this is my last effort.  It seems to me that this module would be 
extremely helpful for newbies, and might even help convert some Rails 
fans, so I hope there's a cure!

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