[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::SubRequest default %params

John Romkey romkey at apocalypse.org
Wed Jan 20 05:03:32 GMT 2010

On Jan 19, 2010, at 8:55 PM, Pavel O. Karoukin wrote:
> Hello,
> Started using Catalyst::Pluign::SubRequest but found one annoying issue - by default it doesn't duplicate $c->req->params.I.e. each time I need to request some block for page I have to use subinclude('path/to/action', {}, c.reg.params) instead plain subinclude('path/to/action');
> Is it only me who think that SubRequest should include current request params by default and may be it was done this way by some intent I am missing?

It may not be only you but it's definitely not me There's no reason to assume that the request parameters from your original request have anything to do with your subrequest. Subrequest is an entirely independent dispatch - you're asking for trouble by making general assumptions like that. In order to operate safely, the code I've written that uses subrequest would need a  way to clear out those automatically passed parameters. It's far safer to expect the programmer to pass them in in the cases where they are desired.
	- john romkey

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