[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst-Runtime 5.80019

Florian Ragwitz rafl at debian.org
Fri Jan 29 00:23:10 GMT 2010

I'm happy to announce the next release of Catalyst-Runtime (5.80019).

This release adds a new feature allowing to pass arbitrary arguments to
the construction of action objects. It also fixes a couple of minor
issues mostly related to encoded paths.

Full changelog included below as always.


5.80019 2010-01-29 01:04:09

  Bug fixed:
   - Calls to $c->uri_for with private paths as strings (e.g.
     $c->uri_for('controller/action', 'arg1', 'arg2') ) no longer have
     / encoded to %2F. This is due to $c->uri_for('static', 'css/foo', $bar)
     which should not be encoded.
     Calls with an action object (rather than a string), or uri_for action
     will still encode / in args and captures to %2F

   - The above noted / => %2F encoding in uri_for_action or uri_for with
     an action object has been fixed to not just encode the first slash in
     any set of args/captures.

   - nginx and lighttpd FCGI requests with URI encoded sections as the first
     path part have been fixed to operate correctly.
   - A source of bogus warnings in Catalyst::Component::BUILDARGS has been

   - Improve the documentation about -Home and how Catalyst finds the home path
     for applications.
   - Various minor typo fixes.

  New features:
   - Allow passing additional arguments to action constructors.
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