[Catalyst] Subclassing using Catalyst::Controller::REST

prasad guna mopiw171 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 09:15:40 GMT 2010

HI All,

I have implemented REST-ful interface to my app using

i have several controllers and ideally i wanted to do something like this,

package MyApp::Controller::RestOne;

use base 'MyApp::Controller::RestParent';

sub thingOne:Path: ActionClass('REST'){}

in the other class,
package MyApp::Controller::RestTwo;

use base 'MyApp::Controller::RestParent';

sub thingTwo:Path: ActionClass('REST'){}

in the base class,

package MyApp::Controller::RestParent;

use base 'Catalyst::Controller::REST';

sub begin:Private{}

in my config file, i have
<Controller RestParent>
stash_key rest
         text/html           View
         text/html           TT
         text/xml            XML::Simple
         text/x-yaml         YAML
         application/json    JSON
         text/x-json         JSON


and all the subclasses should inherit this config from the parent, and
render the output using TT, however the child classes are using the default
config and renders the output using YAML::HTML,

so ideally what i need is, when a request is made the subclass should use
the config from the parent class and forward to View::TT,

Please let me know, how to do this.


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