[Catalyst] Log::Log4perl::Catalyst or Catalyst::Log::Log4perl ?

Christiaan Kras c.kras at pcc-online.net
Sun Jun 13 09:14:44 GMT 2010

Hi list,

I'm currently looking at the available modules for implementing 
Log::Log4perl with my Catalyst app and would like to have some advice on it.

I've found and tried Catalyst::Plugin::Log4perl::Simple but when using 
the module Catalyst warns about it using NEXT. So I'm wondering if it's 
smart to use it in its current state.

When looking on I also found Log::Log4perl::Catalyst and 
Catalyst::Log::Log4perl. Where the former is part of the Log::Log4perl 
distribution. The latter still has some old issues open on which the 
author hasn't responded yet. So to me it seems abandoned. Other than 
that I don't really see much difference between both modules. I must 
note though that the former is very new and is only available since 

 From this I'd say using Log::Log4perl::Catalyst is the way to go: it's 
part of the Log::Log4perl distribution and has no open bugs (at least 
not on the Catalyst module).



Christiaan Kras


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