[Catalyst] Which C::View::PDF should I use?

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Fri Mar 5 10:41:06 GMT 2010

Good evening,

On 5/03/10 at 11:15 AM +0100, Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann 
<ostmann at websuche.de> wrote:

>We use simple View::TT and then a Filter:
>[%- USE Latex; FILTER latex("pdf") -%]
>Its perfekt!

I like that conceptually, but just to be clear, that is latex 
code being converted to PDF, correct? Due to time constraints I 
can't learn another formatting language for this project. I may 
choose to learn it for another project though (which does have 
more complex PDF requirements).

>Tomas Doran schrieb:
>>They're both being used successfully by people as far as I 
>>know, so pick whichever one appeals most :)

So for now I'll follow t0m's advice and choose one of the 
C::V::PDF modules.

Thanks to both of you for the feedback.


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