[Catalyst] KiokuDB, MongoDB and the NoSQL thing

S.A. Kiehn keenlinks at ymail.com
Fri Mar 5 20:59:38 GMT 2010

Thanks for the link Darren. I will read and ponder.

Also of interest, I seen that Search::GIN has had a new release.=A0 The pos=
t also mentions some docs explaining queries, but I have not found them yet=
. Active Search::GIN development would encourage KiokuDB usage I would thin=

Thanks for the posts regarding this topic.

S. Kiehn

Darren Duncan wrote:

Here's something timely on Ars, in that I just discovered it now around the=
 time of this discussion thread:


It lays out a summary of how the SQL and NoSQL worlds compare, and what sor=
t of trade-offs you get for each choice, and it introduces several specific=
 NoSQL projects.=A0 I also learned something, such that what CouchDB and Mo=
ngoDB specifically represent data with is JSON documents.

So basically, what you pick out of today's choices depends on your prioriti=


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