[Catalyst] strange generated DBIC accessor name

th at dix.cz th at dix.cz
Wed Mar 10 15:29:55 GMT 2010

>> I'm going to be crazzy about one generated accessor name:
>> __PACKAGE__->has_many(
>>    "company_people",         # I expected to be "company_persons"
>>    "Jf::Schema::Result::CompanyPerson",
>>    { "foreign.role" => "self.id" },
>> );
>> I have no "people" pattern in my database. Did I miss something?
> People is the correct plural of person.  Apparently Catalyst uses
> something fairly clever to generate the plurals for relationship names.

Yes, that makes sense.

I changed the name from "person" to persona to avoid that.
And than I got plural "personae" :-)

This is apparently linguistically perfect, but I rather prefer to have
consistent (ugly) naming..

Does anybody knows how invoke the *_create script to avoid that?


> Regards,
> Denny

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