[Catalyst] FastCGI error

Steve Rippl rippls at woodlandschools.org
Thu Mar 11 20:59:23 GMT 2010

J. Shirley wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> That just means that your FastCGI job hasn't sent a response within 30
> seconds, and so it assumes the process is stuck.
> You can adjust this with the -idle-timeout option, see:
> http://www.fastcgi.com/mod_fastcgi/docs/mod_fastcgi.html#FastCgiServer
> Although it may be better to get your report running faster.  If you
> use DBIC, you can use QueryLog (which integrates very nicely into
> Catalyst) to track down slow queries
Thanks for the DBIC tip, it isn't doing this consistently, but if I can 
capture more information I might be able to get to the bottom of it...

Thanks again,

Steve Rippl
Technology Director
Woodland Public Schools
360 225 9451 x326

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