[Catalyst] Template::Toolkit - how to dump/view simplified stash in TT?

Chris M chris.mailinglist02 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 18:00:54 GMT 2010

To give a little detail, I'm grabbing lots of related info from a DB all in
one query using DBIx::Class.  I am passing the object directly to the stash
for processing in TT so I don't have to iterate through all that data, pick
out the pieces, and store seemingly redundant information.  This works very
well when I know the layout of the data.  In TT, I simply reference

However, there are times when I'm unsure when I=92ll have to iterate over s=
children in one of the relationships.  Meaning the tree of the data could
look like

   - Stashvar
    - Relationship1
       - Relationship2-row1
          - Field
            - Relationship2-row2
          - Field

I know various ways to view the source of the stash (Catalyst debug page on
error/die, examining the array I pass to the stash in Perl debugger, using
Template::Plugin::Stash), but all these seem to print out the ENTIRE DBIC
object in Perl.  This is easily 1000=92s of lines because it includes stuff=
don=92t care about, like all the DBIx class info for all of my tables.  Is
there a way to view the stash as it can be accessed from TT, like the tree

Thanks in advance!

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