[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::Prototype: current state?

Alex Povolotsky tarkhil at over.ru
Sat Mar 20 13:30:03 GMT 2010


Catalyst::Plugin::Prototype is supplied with Prototype 1.4.0; however, 
http://prototype.conio.net/ does not work at present and 
http://script.aculo.us/ states that current Prototype version is 1.6.1

Can anyont point me at

- interoperability with C::P::P and current Prototype
- maybe other Catalyst JS plugins?

I'm mostly interested in COMPLEX autocompletion right now.

BTW, maybe someone can clue me with my current task

I have a large (10000+) database of people, and many-to-many 
relationship people-request, so I should write some form to add people 
to request.

Loading all database into selectbox is not suitable for obvious reason. 
I'd like to write an Ajax-based autocompletion with "add to list" button 
enabled only when selection is fully done.

I'd appreciate any help with solution. I know Perl fairly well but quite 
weak with JS


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