[Catalyst] Catalyst in Ubuntu?

Matija Grabnar matija at serverflow.com
Sun Mar 21 18:05:46 GMT 2010

I've been working on a catalyst application for a while, and while I was 
developing it under Debian, it
seem it will be hosted on a Ubuntu server (I know, I know, had I known 
this before, I'd have set up a virtual
machine so I could test on the deployment environment).

Anyway, I noticed that Ubuntu server seems to lag seriously behind the 
Catalyst packages I see on Debian unstable - even the Ubuntu server that 
is now in beta is still showing lib-catalyst-modules-perl on version 34 
(Debian unstable has 39) and libcatalyst-perl at 5.80007-1ubuntu1.

Since the upcoming Ubuntu (10.04, Lucid) is supposed to be LTS (long 
term support) it will be a factor in determining which Catalyst packages 
are available by default for a significant ammount of time.

Anybody involved with Ubuntu, could you *please* check if there is still 
time (while it is still in  beta) to
get more up-to-date Ubuntu packages into Lucid?


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