[Catalyst] Catalyst::Plugin::Prototype: current state?

Ovid publiustemp-catalyst at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 22 10:09:23 GMT 2010

From: Charlie Garrison <garrison at zeta.org.au>

> The fix is given in the warning message, eg:
> __PACKAGE__->config(default_view => 'TT'); # or whatever the name of your view is.
> Then you have a 'default' view for your app and Catalyst doesn't need to choose one at 
> random. AutoCRUD is adding another view and Catalyst doesn't know which one to use by default.

Many thanks to you and Denny for clearing this up for me.

> > I'm using Catalyst::Controller::ActionRole and a custom role to ensure
> > that certain urls can only be accessed by those with admin privileges. I can't tell how to hook this into AutoCRUD. I suppose I could write a
> > custom subclass of the plugin, so this is the least of my issues.
> How about using C::P::Authorization::ACL, eg:
> __PACKAGE__->deny_access_unless(
>     "/autocrud",
>     [qw/admin/], # user must have role 'admin'
> );

Actually, after some discussion with the AutoCRUD author, it was generally agreed it would be safer to not integrate AutoCRUD directly into my app.  A different app running on a different domain/subdomain and setting security at the server level seems more appropriate. This is because the author made it clear that authz was not a design concern and the internal URLs vary widely.  Rather than risk opening up a hole to the database, separating this is much safer.


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