[Catalyst] Picking template type based on input

Jon mailinglists jon.mlist at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 09:43:29 GMT 2010

Hi all,
I'm making a small catalyst application and I want to be able to serve
different types of content based on parameters and/or request headers.
I'm curious about where the "correct" location for that kind of code
is, my current sollution is in the Root end like this:

sub end : ActionClass('RenderView') {
if ($c->stash->{json} || $c->request->params->{json} ||
$c->req->header('accept') =~ /json/)
   $c->stash->{template} = $c->action.'_json.tt';
   $c->res->headers->content_type( 'Application/json; charset=utf-8' );

but it feels "wrong" to put it in the Root controller rather than the
view.  Is this really the place where I'm supposed to have that kind
of logic? Would that also be the place if I want to add pdf out to
pick another View to forward to?

Thanks in advance

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