[Catalyst] Distributing and updating Cat apps

Tomáš Znamenáček tomas.znamenacek at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 08:32:19 GMT 2010


I have a Catalyst application that I would like to upload from the
development box to the production server. Is there some kind of best
practice to do that? My requirements:

1) The process should take care of the dependencies and run the tests
   before installing. (Let’s say the deps are declared in Makefile.PL
   or Build.PL.)
2) It would be nice to keep the application isolated in one directory
   so that I can keep several instances under the same account to do
   primitive staging.

Right now I am updating the application using Git. I push from the
development box to a headless repository on the production server and
there is a hook that updates the working copy. This fails (1).

I’ve read something about local::lib, but I’m still not sure about how
to put things together. This has to be a common scenario, isn’t it? When
you are finished updating the development version, what do you call to
upload the update to the production server and what exactly happens
along the way?

Thank you,

Tomáš Znamenáček

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