[Catalyst] on the topic of PAR file distribution.

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Fri May 21 17:01:50 GMT 2010

On 1 Mar 2010, at 02:08, Toby Corkindale wrote:
> I was thinking it'd be in Module::Install::Catalyst, with some  
> automatically-added -M options to par.

Yes, that sounds more sane...

> Speaking of M-I-C, is there a good reason why STDERR is redirected  
> to /dev/null, as well as __WARN__?
> I ask, because it makes debugging catalyst_par builds a PITA.. I  
> always go in and edit MIC to undo that stuff now, and can't see a  
> good reason not to take it out.

I think it's just a reduction of the amount of stuff spraffed to the  

However, I'd be all in favour of taking it out if it doesn't make the  
normal build much noisier. Patch welcome.

>> I tried to fix this (and made a branch which you'll find in our svn),
>> but this just made PAR shit itself on my mac, and given I'm not a PAR
>> user and nobody else was showing any interest, I gave up.
>> If there is an active PAR user out there who would like to get this
>> fixed - come chat to someone in #catalyst-dev, as that can totally  
>> happen.
> I'm trying to checkout the git repo, but despite following http://wiki.catalystframework.org/wiki/contrib 
>  I am getting an error when trying to clone http://git.shadowcat.co.uk/catagits/Catalyst-Devel.git

I think you wanted git:// rather than http.

> Is the contrib page out of date perhaps? The gitweb still seems to  
> work, but I can't clone from it.

s/out of date/wrong/. Please fix? :)

(The repository metadata should have the correct URI, if it doesn't  
please log a bug!)


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