[Catalyst] Re: A point of confusion/frustration on chained actions

Jeff Albert jralbert at uvic.ca
Fri May 28 20:21:39 GMT 2010

Can you expand on this? I followed the suggestion that Ido and others had put forward, but I don't like the 'extra' midpoint to extend the chain; what would a simple example of your proposed solution look like?


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* Ido Perlmuter <ido at ido50.net> [2010-05-20 00:35]:
> In this case all you have to do is create the comment
> action as a mid point, and then create another action with
> a different name, but the same PathPart (e.g. comment) only
> this time as an end-point, and all this action needs to do is
> forward or detach to the original action (also passing any
> parameters it needs).

Don’t do that.

Chain a `PathPart('')` endpoint from the mid-point.

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