[Catalyst] Accessing DB from external model

Mike Raynham catalyst at mikeraynham.co.uk
Fri Nov 5 09:37:35 GMT 2010


I am fairly new to all things Perl and Catalyst, and would like to know 
if what I am attempting to do is correct.

I've recently finished reading 'The Definitive Guide to Catalyst', which 
has been very helpful, but I am still a little confused about separating 
my business logic from my Catalyst application, and accessing the 
database connection from my non-Catalyst application.

At the moment, I have my external class in the lib/MyApp directory.  It 
uses the connection info found in MyApp::Model::DB, like so:


# lib/MyApp/MyExternalClass.pm

use MyApp::Model::DB;
use MyApp::Schema;

my $connect_info = MyApp::Model::DB->config->{connect_info};
my $schema = MyApp::Schema->connect( $connect_info );

# Do stuff with $schema...


That works, and I can connect to the database.  However, I have searched 
this mailing list, and found this:


Here, the connection information is moved from MyApp::Model::DB to 
MyApp::DB, and then Catalyst::Model::Adaptor is used to glue 
MyApp::Model::DB to MyApp::DB.  Is it a good idea?  MyApp::Model::DB 
appears to be part of the Catalyst application, so if I want to access 
the database from an external model, it makes sense to me to move the 
connection code outside of the Catalyst application.



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