[Catalyst] Forward on to other actions after removing first path segment?

Dorian Taylor (Lists) dorian.taylor.lists at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 18:51:50 GMT 2010

Thanks Eden,

On 15-Nov-10, at 8:58 AM, Eden Cardim wrote:
> Internal action paths are one thing and URI's are another. Forwarding
> and dispatching are two separate things. The dispatch process  
> matches a
> URI and happens once per request (unless you invoke ->go or
> ->visit). Forwarding is mostly a shortcut for passing the context on  
> to
> other subroutines.

OK, but the part that confuses me is why /foo doesn't resolve to  
MyApp::Foo::index with ->go or ->visit. If it did I wouldn't nee

Again, I want to be able to access /2010-11-15/foo or /foo where both  
ultimately map to MyApp::Foo::index, so I can optionally prepend the  
date to the URI path but code all the rest of my actions without  
having to account for this.

Dorian Taylor
Make things. Make sense.

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