[Catalyst] Multiple chain sources?

Matthew Braid catalyst at mdb.id.au
Mon Nov 22 05:15:14 GMT 2010

Hi all,

Just wondering - is it possible for an action to have multiple chain paths?

I'd like my site to have a path like /user/N/profile (/user/N being a
chain path, /profile being an end node off that path), but also have a
path like /my/profile (where /my is a chain path that acts as if the
user put their own ID on the end of /user/N).

Currently I have /user/N as a chain path, /my as a chain path, and
then a profile action (path: /profile) that chains off of /user/N and
a this_profile action (path: /profile) that chains off of /my that
simply calls the profile action like so:

# in the User controller

sub user :Chained('/') :PathPart('user') :CaptureArgs(0) {
  # This is only here so a (not shown) chain makes '/user' a valid path

sub specific_user :Chained('user') :PathPart('') :CaptureArgs(1) {
  # Captured arg goes in $c->stash->{userid}

sub this_user :Chained('/') :PathPart('my') :CaptureArgs(0) {
  # The current user's ID goes in $c->stash->{userid}

sub profile :Chained('specific_user') :PathPath('profile') :Args(0) {
  # Do stuff using $c->stash->{userid}

sub this_profile :Chained('this_user') :PathPart('profile') :Args(0) {
  # Dummy - redirect to the main 'profile' action

This works, but is it the best way to do it?


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