[Catalyst] Multiple chain sources?

Oleg Kostyuk cub.uanic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 15:34:10 GMT 2010

2010/11/23 Eden Cardim <edencardim at gmail.com>:
> No, that's currently not possible with chained. Matt and I, howeever,
> are working on a grammar-based dispatcher that will allow easy
> expression of those types of constructs.

I would like to get more details about this.
Is it possible to get repo url, please?

> You'll have to declare something like:
> sub my :Chained('base') CaptureArgs(0) {
>  my($self, $c) = @_;
>  $c->forward(user => [$c->user->id]);
> }
> and then chain onto that.

Could you please explain, what is this?
As I see in Catalyst POD, for now we have two signatures for forward method:

   $c->forward( $action [, \@arguments ] )
   $c->forward( $class, $method, [, \@arguments ] )

As I think, $c->forward(user => [$c->user->id]) isn't one of them.
So, what this should mean?

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely yours,
Oleg Kostyuk (CUB-UANIC)

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