[Catalyst] Re: superuser "switch-user" session function?

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Mon Nov 29 23:37:53 GMT 2010

Aha! It looks like a sneaky, evil, wrong, mean, horrid way to switch-user in
the middle of a session is to

$c->session->{__user}{id} =3D $new_id_here; # since "id" =3D PK

But that's undoubtedly bad form of the worst kind.

What's the canonical non-sneaky above-board friendly golden way to do this?

On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 12:27 PM, will at serensoft.com <will at serensoft.com>wro=

> Hmm: Become-user?
> Is there a clean way to provide a means for sys-admins to "become user" to
> track down issues? It's much easier to diagnose when seeing what the user=
> seeing directly, when we look at it through our own eyes -- as opposed to
> relying on vague user-style descriptions ("unrecognized date format" vs
> "doesn't work").
> use Catalyst qw/
>         ConfigLoader
>         Static::Simple
>         Session
>         Session::Store::DBIC
>         Session::State::Cookie
>             Authentication
>             Authentication::Credential::Password
>                 Authorization::Roles
>                 Authorization::ACL
>         /;
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