[Catalyst] Logging is not immediate

Ken Beal KBeal at crosscountry-auto.com
Mon Oct 18 23:46:54 GMT 2010



I'm running Catalyst via the scripts\myapp_server.pl script.  I have
never configured it to run under a web server, and perhaps that's the
answer to my question.


The issue is that when I call $c->log(), it doesn't output anything
until the "URL call" completes.  This makes it difficult to watch a
long-running process, because I don't see anything until it's done, and
I don't know if it's hung up on something because I can't see the log


Has anyone else experienced this, and found a useful workaround or fix?
Like I said, if I have to run it under Apache or IIS in order for this
to work, I'll do so.



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