[Catalyst] Postgresql database with non default -public- schema

Hetényi Csaba csabiwork at tata.hu
Wed Oct 20 14:22:15 GMT 2010

  Dear All

Please forgive me, may i must ask this question on DBIX maillist.

I'd like to use "script/???_create.pl"  helper script to create
model from a PostgreSql database.
But my tables are not in the default Postgre tablespace (public).

Is this helper script capable to automatically create model for
the non-default tablespace?

If i run the script the standard way:

script/pcm_create.pl model DB DBIC::Schema Pcm::Schema create=static 
components=TimeStamp,EncodedColumn 'dbi:Pg:dbname=pcmv2;host=xxx.xx' 
'pcmuser' 'xxx' '{ AutoCommit => 1 }'

the script dumps schema without errors:

Dumping manual schema for Pcm::Schema to directory 
/home/csabi/Dev/Pcm/script/../lib ...
Schema dump completed.
created "/home/csabi/Dev/Pcm/script/../lib/Pcm/Model/DB.pm"
created "/home/csabi/Dev/Pcm/script/../t/model_DB.t"

But when starting the application it says:

******************************* WARNING 
* No sources found (did you forget to define your 
tables?)                    *
* To turn off this warning, set the CMDS_NO_SOURCES environment 
variable.     *

which is correct, because there is no tables in the default "public" pg 
My tables are in the manually created "pcmbiz" schema.

Thank You in advance!

Hetényi Csaba

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