[Catalyst] Postgresql database with non default -public- schema

Benjamin Martin benjamin.martin at ims-evolve.com
Wed Oct 20 15:44:41 GMT 2010

On 20/10/10 15:22, Hetényi Csaba wrote:
> Is this helper script capable to automatically create model for
> the non-default tablespace?

I believe this is known issue with ::Schema::Loader.


You can sort of get around it by specifiy 'db_schema' (I think you can 
get it into the command line script args)

I think it works with Postgres but with Oracle it did not seem to work.. 
I think, regardless, you will have to manually add cross schema 

Its not hard to roll your own script to build and manage your ::Result:: 
files... just take a peek at the ::Schema::Loader cpan docs.

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