[Catalyst] DBIC mailing list?

Bill Crawford billcrawford1970 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 12:07:53 GMT 2010

2010/9/3 Octavian Rasnita <octavian.rasnita at ssifbroker.ro>:
> Hi,
> Has anyone any idea why I can't send messages to the DBIC mailing list
> anymore?
> When I used to send messages from home they used to be rejected as SPAM.
> I've subscribed with another email address from office and I send messages
> from the office but now the messages don't reach on the list and don't come
> back as spam.

When you say "don't reach the list" is it possible you're not seeing
it because your mail client sees it as a duplicate of the sent message
which it's already stored elsewhere?

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