[Catalyst] Catalyst weird initialization with Apache

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Fri Sep 10 23:38:09 GMT 2010

Good morning,

On 10/09/10 at 5:47 PM +0200, Albert Vila <avp at imente.com> wrote:

>When I restart the apache server, this method is called twice. The
>first one, it dumps all the configuration propertly, but the second
>one, it only prints the parameters from the __PACKAGE__->config main

This is going a way back in memory, and at the time it was with 
apache1 and mod_perl. Due to some apache/mod_perl internals 
startup code gets run twice. So any code which *must* only run 
once needed special handling during startup.

It sounds like you're running into the 'restart twice' problem:



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