[Catalyst] Design/architecture question -- search-results with a modify-search-field

will trillich will.trillich at serensoft.com
Sun Sep 19 18:57:56 GMT 2010

Here's a high-level situation we're wrestling with:

/item/list =3D> show all, with paging
/item/search =3D> display search form, or use list.tt2 template for result
display, with paging
Of course, that approach right there may be causing some of our headache...

But that part is all working fine and dandy.

The question is, what's an elegant way to put one quick search field on the
list.tt2 template
to tweak the cached/existing search (or to tweak the list-all)? In this case
it's a category
of /item, and that category field is also on the dozen-field form as well.
Kind of like when
doing a google search and switching between images and news and videos and

What's best? Have the list.tt2 category-form action point to an
/item/category method
and then forward to /list? Have the list.tt2 category-form action point to
and fill out a subset of parameters? Nothing we've tried feels clean,
certainly not DRY.

Suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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