[Catalyst] Pb with fcgid on CentOS

jul.gil at gmail.com jul.gil at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 14:23:08 GMT 2010


I have a trouble to run Catalyst with Apache2/fcgid/suexec on CentOS 5.5

I have a classical VirtualHost definition in the apache configuration with :

    DocumentRoot /opt/myapp/root
    Alias /static /opt/myapp/root/static

    SuexecUserGroup appuser appuser

    <Location /static>
        SetHandler default-handler

    Alias / /var/www/myapp/myapp_wrapper.fpl/

    <Location />
        Options ExecCGI
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all

The myapp_wrapper.fpl contains mainly :

unshift @ARGV, "/opt/myapp/script/myapp_fastcgi.pl";
exec @ARGV or die...

to run the fastcgi command of Catalyst keeping the arguments. (The fpl
script must be in /var/www because of suexec configuration).

The wrapper script is called, the fastcgi.pl script also, but ends up with :

STDIN is not a socket; specify a listen location at
.../Catalyst/Engine/FastCGI.pm line 95.

It seems to me, according fcgid documentation, that a socket is
created, but it is not send to the myapp_fastcgi.pl
A Dumper(\@ARGV) and Dumper(\%ENV) in the wrapper reveals that no
arguments are send to the script, and that the environment variables
only contains PATH, so error message is correct...

Suggestions welcome...

Julien Gilles.

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