[Catalyst] Working with C::P::I18N::Request and C::P::I18N::PathPrefix at the same time?

Ekki Plicht (DF4OR) ep at plicht.de
Thu Sep 30 20:32:03 GMT 2010


Am I right that this combination (see subject) does not work well together?

AFAICS C::P::I18N::Request modifies the path very early in the request cycle, 
before the dispatcher and C::P::I18N::PathPrefix can kick in, right?

IOW: Regardless of what path prefix (language) I use, C::P::I18N::Request only 
looks at the 'accept-language' header parameter, right? That makes this 
combination unusable... too bad.

I would love to have localized path names (like I18N::Request offers), but 
also the possibility to let the user change languages at will (like 
I18N::PathPrefix + session mgmt offers). That includes letting her select a 
different language than what her browsers header 'accept-language' is set to.

Is there another elegant way to achieve that?


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