[Catalyst] General API question: REST + SOAP

Trevor Leffler tleffler at uw.edu
Wed Apr 6 16:44:10 GMT 2011

Peter Edwards wrote:
> On 6 April 2011 14:59, Bill Moseley <moseley at hank.org 
> <mailto:moseley at hank.org>> wrote:
>     Also, does anyone have a suggestion how to version an API?  That is,
>     say I have an API method POST /foo to create a new Foo object.
>      Would it be better to use something like POST /api/rest/version_2/foo?
> Yes I've used the /api/v1/foo  /api/v2/foo approach before and it works 
> well and makes it easy to separate out old APIs for regression testing 
> when you add new stuff.
 > Regards, Peter

Hi, I've also seen the use of HTTP request headers for specifying 
service API minor versions (and other bits).  In particular, EBay comes 
to mind; they use v1, v2 in the end-point plus an 



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