[Catalyst] help with :Path and config

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Fri Apr 8 12:00:20 GMT 2011

Good evening,

On 8/04/11 at 6:22 AM -0500, John M. Dlugosz 
<wxju46gefd at snkmail.com> wrote:

>Thanks.  I found that mentioned in the COntroller docs, once 
>you mentioned it.  However, it also refers to :PathPrefix as 
>well as :Local, :Path, etc, which I've not seen documented 
>elsewhere.  What's that?

Different ways of defining actions, I don't think I can explain 
better than the docco. Maybe if you ask some specific questions...

I know they are mentioned in more than one place in the docco, 
so keep reading (or ask Google).


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